The Value in New Shutters

A friend told me that if I ever wanted to sell a home for a good price, I would need to have the best looking shutters put on it. I didn’t understand how the shutters on a home would make the home more or less desirable than any other part of it, but my friend did. I bought a cheap home in Orange County with the idea of fixing it up and selling it for a profit. I contacted a local irvine shutters company to have new shutters put on the home to test if there was any truth to what my friend was saying.

The shutters weren’t the only thing that the home needed. The home needed some new paint, installation, and joists to prevent the wooden floors from creaking. When walking through the home, it sounded like I was walking through an old haunted house. The paint and installation I could do myself, because I’ve done those things before on my own home, but I didn’t have much experience with floor joists, so I asked another friend to help with that task. By the time we were done, every footstep made on those floors didn’t result in a creak.

I got an offer for the home from a couple who was looking to start a family. I asked them if there was anything about the home that they liked in particular, and they told me that the shutters really stood out to them. I guess the shutters are what people gravitate to for some reason. Maybe it’s like when looking at a person’s face, people naturally focus on the eyes. The shutters were acting as the eyes for the home and gave it a lot of personality that other people found appealing. Going forward, I can probably flip a lot of homes with new shutters.

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