The Kids Caused an Accident

There is a group of neighborhood kids who like to play sports in the middle of the street after school. People have told them numerous times not to do it, but they do it anyway. One day they decided to play a game of baseball and one of the kids hit the ball toward my house. Luckily they didn’t hit the window, because the glass would have broken and it would have been costly to replace the pane or have a new window put in. The ball did hit one of the orange county shutters and it fell off and broke in half. When the ball hit, it startled me and I ran outside to see what happened.

The children scattered as soon as I came outside. Although they made a quick getaway, I saw many of their faces and knew exactly where they lived. I called their parents and told them what they had been doing, and their parents were furious. All of the parents ordered the kids to give up part of their allowance to pay for the cost of a new shutter to be installed in place of the old one. The kids were also punished by not being able to play outside for a month. I had an idea that the parents would like.

I asked the parents to let me watch the kids after school and have them do some work around the house for me. They agreed and the kids came over to help me in my garden. I taught them about the different fruits and vegetables that were growing in the garden. Many of them had never seen food growing from the ground and were fascinated by it. I gave them a cutting of my tomato plants to take home and grow in their own rooms.

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